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Next generation electrodes for enhanced electrolysers and fuel cells

Innovative catalytic coatings for industrial electrodes

key benefits

JOLT’s Value Proposition

Coating Reliability

+10 year product life

No performance loss

Catalyst Performance

Min. 15% energy efficiency improvement

Over 50 catalyst compositions 


Low Cost/Low Energy

Single Step Fast Coating



Keep updated about JOLT’s activities in the green hydrogen world

Jolt wins the first place in the 2022 «Startup Capital»

  More great news for Jolt! It was just announced that Jolt grabbed first place from 100 finalists in the 2022 call for the “Startup Capital” program run by Catalan government agency, Acció. This is a prestigious financial initiative designed to provide direct...

Jolt at the Hydrogen Technology Conference

It was a pleasure for all the Jolt team to attended at the Hydrogen Technology Conference and Expo in Bremen this last week.  An amazing apportunity to share Jolt's vision and values with all the visitors and other companies. The best adjective to define those two...