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Next generation electrodes for enhanced electrolysers and fuel cells

Innovative catalytic coatings for industrial electrodes

key benefits

JOLT’s Value Proposition

Coating Reliability

+10 year product life

No performance loss

Catalyst Performance

Min. 15% energy efficiency improvement

Over 50 catalyst compositions 


Low Cost/Low Energy

Single Step Fast Coating



Keep updated about JOLT’s activities in the green hydrogen world

Jolt Solutions on the news interview

The last 26th of october Arturo Vilavella, the official CEO of Jolt Solutions, was invited to an interview on l’Entrevista de l’Informatiu, to talk about his future projects thanks to the 1.5 million investment in Jolt. On one hand, he explains that with the money, he...

Jolt is one of the 10 TOP innovating companies in Catalonia

It was just announced that Jolt was selected as one of the 10 TOP innovating  companies in Catalonia, across the iniciative of ‘Catalonia Exponential Leaders’.  They were asked what value a company has to have, the importance of innovation and sustainability, the...

The governament invests 1.5M at Jolt for the hidrogen production

Last wednesday the government invested 1.5 million of euros in Jolt Solutions for the production of hydrogen across the ‘’Linia de Projectes Extraodinaris’’. In this way, Jolt is the second company that is incorporated in the list after IDEADED. This type of loan...

Jolt awarded Best Startup at the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023

Jolt awarded Best Startup at the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023. The event took place in Oslo, Norway. The largest renewable energy exhibition, showcased over 400 leading sustainable system manufacturers and technologies. The event emphasized networking...