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Mission, vision and values



JOLT’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to green hydrogen providing innovative solutions that will push the world towards a more sustainable future.

In accordance with agreed target by 2050, green hydrogen will supply 22% of all global energy, but this is far beyond current capacity.

Our innovative solution is a key enabler technology to unleash the highest efficiency of the electrolysers and allow to meet this ambitious target.


Our vision is to become a key influencer in the Green Hydrogen economy and to create value for our stakeholders by enabling the hydrogen devices of our customers to annually displace 6 gigatonnes of global emissions decades before the current target date of 2050.


In JOLT we want to provide genuine professional development to every team member – our people and their well-being always comes first. We work to develop a high-trust culture, based on respect and empower one another.

In JOLT we are strongly committed to science, as well, continually producing innovation through improving our understanding & know-how. Science is a long path towards knowledge so we do not work for the short term.

our team

alberto bucci


Dr. Alberto Bucci

Alberto is a creative and innovation-driven chemist with more than 10 years experience in pure and applied research at international level in the field of catalysis for artificial photosynthesis. He has published more than 20 papers and generated JOLT´s core patent of JOLT.

Chief Scientist

Prof. Julio Lloret Fillol

Julio is ICREA Professor and Group Leader at ICIQ. He accumulated 20 years of experience in research at international level, having published more than 100 papers and 8 patents. He is co-founder of 3 spin-offs.


Leon Rizzi

For the past 22 years Leon has worked at C-level for a number of international technology start-ups in the USA, UK, Russia, Israel and Germany.  Leon is a “technology growth” specialist with great experience in strategy, go to market, pricing, sales, busdev, partner networks, marketing and productization


Arturo Vilavella

Arturo is an IQS chemical engineer and Master in Operations from ESADE. Arturo has a rigorous and analytical approach to his work and is an Operations Director with more than 20 years of experience in the Pharma and Chemicals sector  including bringing new projects from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Collaborators and partners