About Me
Joshua Rakoski
I am a web designer who has been designing professional websites for roughly two years now. My passion for web development began in my freshman year of high school when I bought the domain grams-tech.com. My father owns a web design company in Charlottesville, Virginia by the name of Quickfix. He was able to set up my Grams Tech domain with a free wordpress theme and website hosting to play around with. All throughout my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I continued to play around with this website and gained advanced knowledge of html and css.

The summer before my Junior year of high school, I began working on a web fitness application on wordpress and bought a new domain (jolt-solutions.com). The object of this website was to educate and inform people about the pros of exercising.

When I began school in August I was enrolled in web design 1. My teacher found that my knowledge of web design was far beyond my peers. For the rest of the year, he let me work on my Jolt Solutions website.

As you can see, jolt-solutions.com is no longer a fitness website. This is because beginning in January of 2017, I began turning it into a web design platform. I started by attempting to update local business websites for free. In exchange, I was able to build up my credibility as a web designer.

In December 2017 (my senior year of high school), I helped the web design team at Quickfix design the website at the domain triangleautodetailing.com and am currently interned to Quickfix.