About Me

Joshua Rakoski

High School Senior who Loves Code

Hello, my name is Joshua Rakoski. I am a senior at Monticello High School with a passion for web development. I began to love web design the summer before my Junior year. That year I enrolled in Web Design 1 at MHS. At the same time I asked my father at Quickfix if he could set up a demo site for me where I could learn to further develop websites using wordpress. He spun me up on one of his Quickwatch servers. When I started using Quickwatch my google ranking and page load time for my website (jolt-solutions.com) dramatically improved. Through this journey of web development I noticed that many local business websites were outdated and that if these top local businesses had an updated website then their page load speed would improve, the number of visitors to their websites would increase and so forth. This could help these businesses to retain visitors to their websites. I recently completed my first professional website for a local business. I believe that I can help businesses upgrade their websites and attract new visitors while saving them money on expensive Web Design/development costs that can cost thousands of dollars.