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Jolt awarded Best Startup at the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023. The event took place in Oslo, Norway. The largest renewable energy exhibition, showcased over 400 leading sustainable system manufacturers and technologies. The event emphasized networking opportunities.


The Tech Tour Green Energy 2023: An Overview

The Tech Tour Green Energy 2023 was a prominent event that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts in the renewable energy sector. This insightful gathering aimed to explore and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities within the rapidly growing green energy industry. 

At the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023, the focus was on showcasing advancements in renewable energy technologies and promoting sustainable practices. The event’s objectives included fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and driving the transition towards a cleaner and more efficient energy future.

Jolt awarded Best Startup at the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023

Through engaging panel discussions, presentations, and exhibitions, participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the latest developments shaping the green energy landscape. Experts from diverse backgrounds shared their knowledge and experiences, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities within the sector.

The event was not only a platform for information exchange but also a hub for networking and forging partnerships. Attendees had the chance to connect with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and potential investors, opening doors to collaborative opportunities.

As the event unfolded, it became clear that the green energy sector is poised for significant growth in the coming years. From emerging technologies to sustainable practices and government policies, the Tech Tour Green Energy 2023 provided a comprehensive overview of the industry’s present landscape and future prospects.

Finally, congratulations to all the companies who participated in this inspiring challenge!
It was a pleasure for us to meet all the great minds that shape the future of the green energy sector.

And We would like to thank the judges and also TechTour for organizing another excellent event.

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