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Great to see Jolt being recognized by VCs as one of the most promising climate tech start-ups from all across Europe and North America. Discover all the details to see how Jolt Solutions is helping make hydrogen more accessible.

Jolt Solutions leadership team stands by a sign for the research institute ICIQ.

Recommended by: Marc Sabas, Ship2B Ventures

Relationship to VC: Portfolio

Founded: 2022 as a spin-out of research institute ICIQ

Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Total raised: 7.6 million euros ($8 million)

What it does:

Jolt has developed a catalytic coating for electrodes used in hydrogen produced via electrolysis t0 improve efficiency and extend electrode lifespan.

Why it’s poised to take off:

The current production cost of green hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced with water and renewable energy, is too expensive. It needs to drop by at least 50% for it to become economically viable at mass scale, according to Sabas.

By making the electrodes last longer and perform better with its coating, Jolt can help lower the cost over the hydrogen production and facilitate mass adoption, the investor said.

If you want to know more about our technology, you will find all of us hereAnd don’t forget to follow this news page if you do not want to miss out Jolt’s latest news.

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