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The last 26th of october Arturo Vilavella, the official CEO of Jolt Solutions, was invited to an interview on l’Entrevista de l’Informatiu, to talk about his future projects thanks to the 1.5 million investment in Jolt.

On one hand, he explains that with the money, he is going to industrialitate the process of his company, combinaiting the laboratories to make a research center focused on chasing electrons for the fabrication of green hydrogen. Additionally, we start to know about what type of technology he uses to be a leading company. This type of technology that they use, is to create electrons faster and with less ambiental impact than the traditional techniques.

Thanks to the interview, we learned that Jolt Solutions is going to install a new laboratory in Hospitalet de Llobregat. This new laboratory is created to fabricate green hydrogen and also to do other electrochemical processes. Furthermore, Arturo Vilavella mentions that the green hydrogen can also be used for the fertilizate fabrication, and the steel fabrication. Further ahead, the hydrogen production can also be used for colective transport or big transports like trucks.

If you want to know more information, read the following article: L’ENTREVISTA DE L’INFORMATIU.


Jolt entrevista de l'informatiu

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