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Exciting news for our portfolio company Jolt: Santander has joined the pack of believers in Jolt’s game-changing tech.

Banco Santander’s new alternative asset manager, Santander Alternative Investments, has invested in Jolt Solutions and its technology, becoming a part of a consortium of investors that shares founder Leon Rizzi’s vision that the evolution of electrodes plays a pivotal role in determining the triumph of the Green Hydrogen industry.

Jolt’s groundbreaking electrodes make way for cost and energy-efficient green hydrogen production. With the latest funding, the team is gearing up to establish their first electrode production plant in Barcelona, set to start operations in mid-2024, along with a state-of-the-art laboratory. Jolt has ambitious plans for new plants globally to meet the escalating demands of the hydrogen, metals, and water treatment sectors.

Santander’s investment isn’t just about international expansion; knowing the Fund is a shareholder instils further confidence in customers.

Big congratulations to Team Jolt and a warm welcome to Santander! We eagerly look forward to jointly discovering new milestones as team Jolt continues to unlock Green Hydrogen innovation.

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